ICE ICE BABY! For reducing Acne.

Weird that!  I mean, who would ever think that You can reduce acne with ice?  Well, alot of aestheticians have used this method on their clients. Wrapping some ice cubes in a cloth and applying to your face does the following:   It reduces the size and the redness of the pimple.  The cold allows the blood to flow, circulation.  Circulation around and in the pimple does actually make it better which in turn reduces that pain that you feel when you touch it. Now BEFORE you get to it, DO NOT just stick that ice cube on your face, unless You want ice burn.  Be sure before You do, to gently wash your face and have it nice and clean.  Step two; wrap the ice cubes in a cloth, then gently apply it to your face where there is acne.  Step three: Hold the ice in place for about 1 minute.  Then wait 5 minutes and do it ONE more time and/or move on to the next area.   After 5 more minutes apply our Rosehip & Hibiscus Clarifying Serum   Which was specifically created to natural heal acne and acne scars.  
Also see our facial scrubs, cleansers and toners that both naturally reduce excess oils that cause acne.