My Brand is Now Certified With Leaping Bunny!

Hey all!

Hope You all had a wonderful, fun filled, festive holiday season! I've been busy! In addition with more blend creating, I'm focusing more on natural treatments for red and acne skin types, natural lip gloss and lip scrub and on the tail testing end of My new powerful natural eye serum that brings REAL natural results WITHOUT any cheating chemicals that are currently out there.    Also, My products JUST got approved and certified by Leaping Bunny!  So even in the beginning when I first began producing My natural blends, I and now We use NO organic ingredients that harmed any animal, bird or bee in ANYWAY when ingredients such as honey and goats milk.   Now, for those who don't know what that means,(which I would be surprised); Leaping Bunny, is a foundation that promotes companies and products for the consumer who's ingredients are animal cruelty free!    In addition, after EXTENSIVE research and in My travels, I have seen some of the nasty procedures of how Palm Oil is extracted and so that is A NO NO in My book.  So, that being said, the cute little bunny is connected with My company/brand listing at!  

On to more work! See ya in the next blog! Follow Me on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and on Facebook!  You know where to find Me! #plushorganicskincare