Caribbean Blend Body Salt Glow

Caribbean Blend Body Salt Glow

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8floz.  For serious exfoliation and moisturizing with dry skin in a powerful dead sea salt body scrub!  A blend of dead sea salts, with coconut oil, sunflower, andiroba nut and cupacu nut oil, pumpkin seed oil, prickly pear oil(Containing NO water!) - This blend provides a deep exfoliation of dead skin cells, while clearing out toxins and providing deep epidermal moisturization for that supreme age-defying look, while helping to maintain firm but elasticity in the skin!  Ideal for clients with oily skin, dry and normal skin! Detoxing as it moisturizes and evens out skins natural smoothness and tonal balance!  Try one, or purchase more! In the following natural scents and unscented!


Polynesian Rain (Hibiscus, Water Lillies, Teak, Rose, hints of Vanilla)

Island Goddess (Pineapple, Vanilla, Tangerines, Babys Breath)

Citrus Twist (Lemon, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Oranges)

Caribbean Glow (Coconut, Strawberry, Guava)

Cool Citrus Breeze( White Citrus, Oranges, Basil, Lime, Greens, Cucumber)

Honeysuckle Bliss (honeysuckle, rose, lillacs, vanilla)

Florida Oranges (White Citrus Oranges, Tangerines)

Plush Mojito ( Lemon Slices, Pomelo, Mint Leaves, Mandarin Zest, Iced Sugar, Tangerine)

Butterfly Garden(French mimosa, cyclamen jasmine,tea, tangerine, lemon, coconut and musk)

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