10 Pack- Mayan Blend Age Defying Lotion

10 Pack- Mayan Blend Age Defying Lotion

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10 Pack of 4oz ea.  

Ideal blend created specifically for removing age spots
and sun spots on the hands, arms and body!  With shea, goats milk, cocoa, aloe,
with extracts indigenous to mountains and regions in South America; such as andiroba oil, murumu butter, coffee butter, and brazilian nut oil,
kokum with sunflower with pumpkin enzymes. Hydrates and naturally reduces the appearance of premature sun spots and red skin! Ideal for those
who are constantly out in the sun! See some SERIOUS  results in just a few weeks!

Available in Unscented and select essential natural scents! Mix & Match and customize at checkout.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte                                                                                                  Vanilla Bean,                                                       Unscented,                                                                                               Gingerbread Cookie                                                                                             Apple Pie
Dark Coffee
Chesnut Rum-(baking vanilla, rum, rum raisin, whipped cream, hints of chocolate)
Vanilla Sky-(vanilla bean, brown sugar and sandalwood)
Autumn Spice(Cinnamon, Cider, Nutmeg, Pumpkin)