About My Products

All of My blends are 100% handmade, hand-mixed with certified organic botanicals, herbs and milks that are gmo free, animal cruelty free, no pesticides and absolutely NO chemicals nor radicals either.  Created as a "short run" batch, meaning that We keep our inventory small, each product is dated with a freshness date to ensure each products effectiveness as we follow the ebb and flow of planting and harvesting seasons.  Every blend I create in My small but holistically and spiritually minded lab with My selected small staff, is tested by Me and a few select panel of aestheticians and consumers before ANY release.  These are My own personal blend recipes designed for the most sensitive skin as well as all skin types.   When each order is placed, please allow between 3 and 12 business days for delivery in the U.S & Canada.  For International orders, please allow up to 15 business days for delivery.    For bulk orders, depending on the order it is received, we will always email You updates on delivery depending on the size. Happy shopping!


Sarajane Ward