My Story

About Me, My Company and My products:

Hi all! My name is Sarajane Ward; I am the creator, CEO and Owner of Plush Organic Skin Care®.  Rather than have this written in 3rd person; I'd thought I'd make this more personal.   It all started with My skin complexion.  Let's face it, its weird.  I have very sensitive skin, and easily sun-burned.  So since I was about 14yrs old, I began to study about aestheticsm holistic health with plants, fruits and herbs and how they can naturally heal;  and unlocking the mysteries of nature to be able to maintain and naturally heal My skin.  

After 20yrs at least of studying and traveling;  My line Plush Organic Skin Care was born.  I take serious care and pride in creating professional blends from 100% certified organic ingredients, hand picked and harvested from My own gardens and certified organic growers in the U.S and with extended family and friends in the UK and Australia! Specifically blended for ANY skin type, specializing in sensitive skin types!    My products are both available to both regular customers and to professional aesthetic businesses. It all began over 20 years ago when I, Plush Organic Skin Care, began My journey to research all natural modalities of Skin Care health and beauty. I am extremely fascinated with the natural power of the botanicals, milks, plants and so forth.

So, I set off on My own adventures. Traveling to different parts of Europe, America, Israel, Australia, China and Japan. Ever striving to be knowledgable in natural skin care modalities(and still learning!).   Studying the power of natural healing of the Spirit, Mind and Body. Focusing on natural skin care and natural age-defying beauty. For over 20  yrs I have been creating and using My own natural blends of skincare for the face and body, including My close friends and family with all different skin types.  In My creations, I take both a holistic and spiritual approach into My blends, infusing them with the divine energy of the Holy Spirit Shaman in Me.  Promoting natural healing and rejuvenation, not of only of the skin but of the soul.

In 2006, I began to give out some of My blends to Private Aestheticians for their celebrity clients to use and after receiving stellar feedback; so, I decided to privately label and fully create My own High Quality, Purely Natural and Luxuriously feeling Skin Care line! Thus, Plush Organic Skin Care was created! In Spring 2015, I decided to fully and publicly launch Her exclusive skin care line to select Day Spa's, Salons and Private Licensed Aestheticians; and for a limited time, make them available directly online to the consumer! Im now 44 years old; living a healthy life style and using My own skin care creations, My goal was and is to be living proof of My extensive natural skin care knowledge that I put in every single organic skin care creation. Naturally representing that timeless ageless look is that is very attainable!

These products are 100% FREE of all toxins and DO NOT contain ANY of the following:


AND Cruelty FREE to animals and plants!

My products are created within and along the ebb and flow of our ecological system here on a lovely farm like land by our untouched spring lakes which are pure and fill our water wells. Using NO city water, grow My ow ingredients and rely on My certified family farms. Creating products with a short -batch run to ensure freshness and the products full effectiveness. All products are tested with a professional and consumer panel selected personally by ME, the Owner/CEO/Creator, and approved ONLY by Me.  So, I hope You enjoy these products that I personally use and have used all this time.   Happy shopping!