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Blueberry & Pomegranate Enzyme Masque

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2.5floz.  Ideal for oily skin, mature, normal, sensitive skin and combination skin that's always in the sun and exposed to environmental elements.  Naturally reviving dull skin and skin that is dealing with premature hyper-pigmentation caused by UV exposure. With blueberries,  cacao bean, pomegranate fruit complex extracts, soothing  earthen mineral clay buriti nut, dragonfruit plant and jessica mallow plant.  This is clay masque base, but doesn't over dry the skin but leaves it soft, supple and firm.  Comes in unscented or in a soft blueberry/pomegranate scent which DOES NOT affect the product.  Leave on for no more than 1-3mins, depending on skin tone.

1oz Samples are limited to 3 per customer/per order.

Created with 100% certified organic ingredients:

blueberry, cacao bean, pomegranate fruit enzymes, (cruelty free)emu oil, plum fruit extract, silk peptides, kojic acid, buriti fruit plant, dragon fruit plant oil, natural spring waters, opitphen(natural preservative)  earthen mineral clay, aloe vera plant, jessica mallow plant, lemon essential oil, natural spring water.