2oz- 20 Pack Antioxidant Tonal Balance Lotion

2oz- 20 Pack Antioxidant Tonal Balance Lotion

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20 Pack of 2oz ea.  Specifically created to even out natural skin tone, reduce blotchy and uneven skin colour and brighten dull skin.  Hydrates, moisturizes and naturally rebuilds collagen loss while providing tonal balance inside the epidermis and out. 

A blend of aloe, shea, palm kernel, goats milk, kupaku and pomegranate butters with blueberry, raspberry, pomegranate fruit enzymes, alpha hydroxy with honey, vitamin k, vitamin a and vitamin c for the ultimate restore, hydrate and repairing of natural skin health!  Ideal for samples, sales baskets, etc.


Available in Unscented and select essential natural scents! Mix & Match and customize at checkout.

Plush Berry Bop-(Pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry, with soft vanilla)
Strawberry Rain-(Strawberries with baby's breath, and sweet pea)
Dark Jasmine-(Dragons blood, vanilla bean, jasmine, with hints of musk), Unscented,                                                                                                             Vanilla Bean,                                                                                                           Lotus Garden-(Lotus, Bamboo, Sandalwood, Lilac, Strawberry)
Cranberry Vanilla
Hibiscus Rain-(Hibiscus, Lilac, babys breath, wild rose)
Cherry Spring Blossom- (Wild cherries, rice tea and shea)                                   Dark Chocolate & Raspberry,                                                                       Gingerbread Cookie,                                                                                            Almond Biscotti